About The Label

The label aims to thrive by raising awareness about the heritage crafts of india and contribute in uplifting the artisans while encouraging traditional handicrafts techniques of India. There are a number of unsung artists who should be celebrated for keeping these beautiful art alive.

The label also aims to raise awareness about the craft which very few people are aware of. And, ofcourse we aim at providing essential wardrobe to the modern woman by delivering contemporary yet comfortable and sustainable hand crafted clothing.

Why endorse Craftwork?

Many communities in India depend on their craft skills as a source of income. The craft sector keeps rural communities alive, sustain families, and allow children to gain education.

Buying hand-made products ensures livelihood of millions of skilled craftspeople that proudly create unique, high-quality handcrafted products. Above all, in an evolving global village where homogenous products dominate our lifestyles, craft products stand apart in their distinctiveness and cultural reference.

Our Crafts

Hand Block Printing

“The Labor of Love”

Hand block printing showcases the beauty of nature at its best.

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